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7 thoughts on “Comment Map

  1. People are offering excellent suggestions on the map! I grew up in Evergreen Park and 95th Street was always dangerous risk to cross (on foot and in a car). I remember waiting to cross the street, and having to shield my face from gravel and debris as cars sped past at 35 mph! It is an unpleasant place to walk, to drive, to try to turn, to look for parking, etc. The street is too wide, traffic is too fast moving, many businesses are set behind seas of parking lot, there are few trees, etc. Which is why a corridor plan is a wonderful idea.

    Reducing a travel lane in either direction is a fundamental necessity in improving 95th St. This will slow traffic down a bit, making it safer to drive, walk, and maybe someday even cycle along 95th st. This will also allow for street trees, wider sidewalks and cafes, and maybe even a bicycle lane (although 91st and 99th streets seem to make much better cycling routes),making 95th street more attractive to businesses as well!

    Design guidelines for new development would be a good addition, to ensure that new buildings have their frontage at the sidewalk and not set back behind a parking lot. (ahem… you too, Evergreen Park) This will create a continuous and coherent feel to the street scape and won’t leave pedestrians suddenly confronted with crossing a massive parking lot in order to get to a business.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. The intersection improvements seem to be going from slowly to nowhere! In 9 months, since Kaylah’s death, we have only been told that it may take seven years or longer, to get this work done which isn’t satisfactory! The State of illInois and it’s beauracracy move very slowly. Apparetly, it doen’t matter when children die just trying to walk to school safely, across NINE Lanes of traffic that runs more like an interstate hwy! We’ve radar clocked traffic going in excess of 50 mph crossing that intersection! We need a better more intense capmpaign to move this along faster ! Kaylah’s GPA

    • Thanks for your response. The Village has partnered with the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning to study the 95th Street corridor. The study will include assessments of economic development opportunities, transportation issues, land use and zoning issues, and aesthetic opportunities. One of the critical elements to the study is pedestrian safety. The study will result in recommendations that will be implemented over time by the Village, partnering with the community and roadway authorities. Please feel free to post your ideas directly to the site and stay involved.

  3. I signed an online petition several months ago for the improvement of the above mentioned stretch of road. Will anything be done to improve this area?

  4. My daughter was killed on Southwest Highway and Cicero Avenue 9 months ago while attempting to cross a very dangerous intersection because it does not have walk signals or lights that allow enough time to cross especially during busy hours, particularly when a train is coming. Although the village board approved changes recommended in this intersection just 2 blocks from a school zone, the state has not even given permission for the crosswalk lines (which were barely visible at the time of the accident and even less visible now) to be repainted, which is the least they can do. Someone was also hit there in the 1990’s and put in a coma. From the information I have gathered, work on 95th Street through 87th Street on Cicero is not scheduled this year, but 87th Street north is, and 95th St. south was completed last year. Why can’t this be the focus to prevent future accidents and deaths? Many children from Oak Lawn walk through here to travel to various locations and to come into Hometown ( as well as Hometowners). The technology for a simple walk button has been around for 40 years! Why was this intersection skipped when every other from 79th St. to 115th St. on Cicero Ave. has it? Southwest Highway is wider than an expressway with 9 lanes, with right turns allowed all day, and the train tracks close Cicero. Other streets with less traffic have this technology. It is not compliant or safe for children, elderly, disabled and any pedestrians. I can’t get my daughter back but I’d love to not have to worry about my other children and her friends.

What are your ideas for the corridor?

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